Sudoku Rules Extreme

Sudoku Rules Extreme 1.10b

Complete Sudoku game with themes and more

Sudoku Rules! is the first and only Pocket PC and Desktop PC Sudoku game to visually highlight how to solve each and every step of a puzzle at any level of difficulty - even the puzzles you enter yourself! Learn all the tricks to solve any Sudoku through advanced hints, create your own or play the 12,000,000 built in!

Some of the key features of Sudoku Rules are:

  • Sudoku Blackout play mode
  • Incredibly fast board generation
  • Smart undo/redo function that shows recent chain of numbers entered
  • Timer with pause option, average and best times for each level
  • Millions of boards possible, symmetrical or unsymmetrical
  • Customise board background and number/pencil colours
  • Auto pencil, sticky pencil and auto removal feature
  • 6 powerful hint types: 3x3, Cell, Number, Shapes, Pencil, Full Explanation
  • Enter your own puzzles and analyse their difficulty in detail
  • Load and save puzzles in multiple formats

A really addictive and well designed Sudoku game for your Pocket PC.

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Sudoku Rules Extreme


Sudoku Rules Extreme 1.10b

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